Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HM Queen Mary of Teck

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my purpose of creating this blog is to write or share somethings about royalty and the monarchy system from all over the world..from my point of view monarchy system is really unique and their monarchs are last  blog post about royalty is the death of the former queen of the state of Terengganu, the late Tuanku Ampuan Bariah.."YMM Tuanku Ampuan Bariah Mangkat" ..

In this post i'd like to share the story of the most recognizable and the most influential queen consort of the Great Britain,HM Queen Mary of Teck.She was born on 26 May 1867 and daughter to the Prince Francis,Duke of Teck and Princess Mary Adelaide,She was born at Kensington Palace,London

Kensington Palace
She was married to Prince George,Duke of York, on 6 July 1893 at St James Palace.(Actually St James Palace is also the venue where Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their marriage). Their marriage was blessed with six children namely King Edward VIII, King George VI, Princess Mary, Prince Henry, Prince George and Prince John (die at the young age)

Interesting fact about Queen Mary...

(,) She is the grandmother to the present monarch of Great Britain,HM Queen Elizabeth II

HM Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth (HM Queen Elizabeth II)

(,) She was the trusted advisor to her late father-in-law,King Edward VII

HM King Edward VII
(,) She and her husband,HM King George V was the last emperor and empress of India.

HM King George V and HM Queen Mary
During Delhi Durbar in 1911

(,) Her parent called her as "May" as her nickname because she was born on May.

(,) She is the most superbly bejeweling queen.

Look at her fine jewellery and how she wear it,

(,) Two of her sons was the king of the Great Britain.Her eldest son,Prince Edward was installed as King      Edward VIII. However,he was only reigned for 11 months when he decided to abdicate in order to marry Wallis Simpson,a widower.After the abdication,he was known as,Prince Edward the Duke of Windsor.To replace the throne,Prince Albert was chosen to be elected as the new king of Great Britain as King George VI. For your information,King George VI is the father to the present monarch of Great Britain,HM Queen Elizabeth II.
HM King Edward VIII
HM King George VI

(,) The abdication of her eldest son was Queen Mary's greatest dissapoinment.


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